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Clinical ADR data for doctors/prescribers


Anyone interested in official reports of DRUG SAFETY ALERTS & RECALLS can sign up for emails from the regulatory agency in your country.

Warnings about risks may be seen in one country but not shared in others, so be alert to up to date information about the drugs you are offering.

 Many issues occur long after a drug is licensed. In the words of eminent professor of Clinical Pharmacology the late Dr Andrew Herxheimer

" It can take at least 10 years before harms are discovered affecting many lives."

In the UK we have pharmacists who regularly report on findings from ADR Yellow Card Reports and you can read their Re:action data here:

They are based at the

Yellow Card Centre West Midlands

The West Midlands Centre for Adverse Drug Reactions

The MHRA Head Office have diminished some of the independence of the West Midlands and other UK branches of the MHRA

but not before the WM were able to publish: 

Prescribed Drug Induced Depression  

Prescribed Drug Induced Hallucinations 

European Independent pharmacists produce A THERAPEUTIC BULLETIN:

PRÉSCRIRE with valuable information about medicines safety and warnings
The  journal has an English version

An article Préscrire published in both journals explains the patients perspective on safety  and harm of medicines


USEFUL BOOKS with extra information about psychiatric ADRs - to everyday medicines,
not just those prescribed for mental health issues.


An American Psychiatric Association publication written by Stodemire and Brown - free examples of content on line


DRUG SAFETY UPDATE FROM THE MHRA about erectile dysfunction and loss of libido linked to acne drug isotretinoin known as Roaccutane and many other generic names.

For Doctors and prescribers important information that may reduce iatrogenic illness and prevent further complications and a downward spiral in the health of your patient.

Current Drug regulator Safety Communications, 

Refer to updates on data about Adverse Reactions (ADRs) on the Electronic Medicines Compendium 

FDA Warnings and Alerts Index to drug specific information

 MHRA general Drug safety updates issued by Medicines Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency 

More information for Prescribers here

For a quick check of possible neuropsychiatric adverse effects refer to :British Journal of Psychiatry Published bimonthly by The Royal College of Psychiatrists, 

BJPsych Advances offers a distillation of current clinical knowledge, written by expert clinicians to meet the CPD needs of consultant psychiatrists.

Nora Turjanski, Geoffrey G. Lloyd
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