We have obtained information in over 20 years of research, from medical papers and case reports.

We organised three conferences, attended many more and regularly speak with concerned clinical pharmacologists and other healthcare professionals.

We share some of this information on the web site and direct you to where one can access up to date information from the pharmaceutical manufacturers, Electronic Medicines Compendium,

 the UK medicines regulatory agency (MHRA), Drug Analysis Prints (records of the few reported adverse drug reactions (ADRs) they receive, which is estimated to be less than 10% of serious ADRs)

Drug Warnings and Alerts from regulators

UK warnings

European Medicines Agency


Drug Alerts and recalls from manufacturers



We wish to help create awareness, hopefully before harm is caused. However many people do not read the warnings and are unaware of early signs of intolerance, in particular if the headaches, nightmares or insomnia leads to depression or a psychotic episode.. This sadly includes some of those who prescribe medicines.

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We hope you will find information that is of help to you.