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2019 Event

APRIL's Millie Kieve 4* reviews & record of interview at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Millie's Spoken Word performance of Cruise to Hell - a true and personal story



at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe  August 2019

Link to  interview of Millie Kieve by Kate Saffin at the EdFringe Central venue for perfomers,

Link to:Udita Banerjee  "Cruise to Hell" 4* review   Image result for Daily Express Millie Kieve Cruise to Hell

"Do you know what’s in the drugs your doctor prescribes you? Do you ask for a ‘Patient Information Leaflet’? What are your rights in this space? Cruise to Hell, written and performed by Millie Kieve, will open your eyes. This is a true story of Kieve’s family, and it is not one for the faint-hearted." 

Link to: Vivien Devlin "Cruise to Hell" 4* review 

"This heartbreaking story is full of all the facts and figures, describing the debilitating side effects from Dianette and Sulphasalazine.  Largactil is used to treat depression and nausea but can cause anxiety attacks. It is described as a chemical cosh."